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200th Anniversary of the Montreal General Hospital

This exhibition was produced in celebration of the rich, 200-year history of Montreal’s first secular hospital, and came together thanks to the efforts of a large network of MGH-affiliated organizations and the involvement of local and national heritage institutions.

Volunteerism has always been integral to the hospital’s existence, and this exhibition would not have been possible without the dedication of those who have worked to preserve its rich heritage. Individuals such as Herb Berkovitz, MGH administrator and self-appointed heritage archivist, and Margaret Suttie, executive member of the Alumnae Association of the MGH School of Nursing and custodian of its archives, have made it possible to cull from thousands of images and documents to make the history of the MGH come alive. Likewise, the living memory of past and present hospital employees and volunteers have enabled the MUHC Art & Heritage Centre to do justice to the many stories contained in the hospital’s 200 years of existence.


We are indebted to the following people and organizations for their kind collaboration :

Communications Department of the MUHC; MUHC Medical Multimedia Services; Dr. Annmarie Adams; the Alumnae Association of the MGH School of Nursing; Archives de Montréal; Canadian Medical Association Journal; Canadian Medical Hall of Fame; Nan Carlin; Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling; Michael Cichon; Adamo Donovan; Dr. Rick Fraser; Dr. Abraham Fuks; Génome Québec; Dr. Mary Hague-Yearl; Dr. Cynthia Hammond; Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery; Geneviève Lambert; Library and Archives Canada; Christopher Lyons; Maude Abbott Medical Museum; McCord Museum; McGill Faculty of Dentistry; McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences; McGill University Archives; MUHC Centre for Global Surgery, Dr. Steven Palmer; Robert Poirier; L’Ordre des Infirmieres et Infirmiers du Quebec; Osler Library of the History of Medicine; PPE Portraits Canada; Laura Rendon; John A. Schweitzer; Dr. Patricia Tonin; Susan Usher; Western University.

The Art and Heritage Centre recognizes the significant social, artistic, medical and nursing histories of the MUHC hospitals since 1821 in the development of Montreal, and seeks to preserve and highlight existing artefacts and other visual objects from this rich heritage in dedicated exhibition spaces as an integral part of the leading edge healing environment designed for patients, their families and staff at the MUHC.

Chapter1 Carbolic Acid Diffuser
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Valerie Shannon

Project advisor

Alexandra Kirsh

Curator, Art & Heritage Centre

Katharine Stein

Interim Curator, Art & Heritage Centre

Margaret Suttie

Research, writing, curatorial assistance


Sylvie Riendeau

Communications and Marketing, MGH Foundation

Isabelle Sokolnicka

Communications and Marketing, MGH Foundation

Linda Jackson

Graphic Design

Geneviève Cocke


Dr David Mulder


Dr Phil Gold


Dr John Burgess


François Dansereau


Robert Derval


Jo-Anne Trempe

Assistant photographer

Design Shopp

Web Design and Development

Dr Jonathan Meakins

Director, Art and Heritage Centre of the MUHC

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